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Diana's Song

My latest musical effort to go live to the public, this is a remix of the score to a very cool video game called Kingdom Hearts.  It was inspired by a very special person who walked into my life, seemingly out of nowhere, exactly one month ago today.  With every passing day, her love shows me new possibilities, and keeps me moving forward and upward in my personal evolution.  This is her song.

My first release via HPMD Records...

…with many more to come in the next few months!  Also, those of you going to the third annual Cali-Bass Festival will have a chance to hear my first live performance at an underground in almost a year!  But those of you who will not be capable of attending need not worry; my live set will be recorded and broadcast via Nirvanic Trance Radio in the next month or two, so everyone will have a chance at recapturing the magic that is about to ensue this weekend from the comfort of their home eventually.  Until then, stay tuned!

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